LSU School of Allied Health  Professionals

The LSU Health Sciences Center Department of Physical Therapy Faculty Clinic is located on the LSU Health Sciences Center campus in the heart of New Orleans.  This clinic is used by Physical Therapy faculty for research purposes and to serve patients.

Downtown New Orleans

Our facility is located in the heart of the Crescent City on 1900 Gravier Street in the Central Business District.

Our building is secured, so, upon your arrival, use the buzzer system to call Dr. Wellons to be let in. When you’re inside take the elevator to the seventh floor.

Our building is ADA compliant.

We validate parking in our garage.

We’re on the 7th Floor

My office, and the LSU Health Sciences Physical Therapy school is located on the seventh floor.

Our office is equipped with a wide range of physical therapy gear, from old school to high-tech.

Some of the specialized Vestibular Rehabilitation/Neurologic PT equipment available to my patients includes infrared goggles with recording capabilities (to analyze eye movements), a NeuroCom Balance Master, Oculus Virtual Reality devices, Biodex NX Step body weight support harnesses, and Blaze Pods.

We’ll also be employing mats, weights, weight machines, treadmills, and stationary bikes to aid in your vestibular rehabilitation.


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Or call — (504) 568-4284

New Orleans Vestibular Services

Office hours are 8a-5p

(504) 568-4284

1900 Gravier St., 7th Floor, New Orleans, LA